Thursday, May 01, 2014

No Sympathy for Donald Sterling

No Sympathy for Donald Sterling

If I had a mistress (I don’t), who was the best company keeper that a man could want.  If she cooked, cleaned, and poured cold juice…. AND …. If she soothed me, consoled me, whispered (spit) sweet nothings in my ear, and told me that I had a great heart on a daily basis…. I would be wrong.  She would be wrong.  We would be wrong. 

I would have to take the greater responsibility as I am a man. The Man. I know better.  I took vows.  I know the consequences of my actions.  I am not na├»ve of what is at stake.  She can compromise the integrity of my business affairs. S he can jeopardize the bond that I have with my family. 

In the Old Testament,   God told Samson not to tell the source of his strength.  Jehovah extended him grace even though Samson was tricking off his blessings.  Samson was physically stronger than thousands of men within his view.  He was a God fearing brute.

He was chosen by God to be a Warrior….but he got too comfortable.  In his most relaxed state of being, he spilled the goods.  He sank his own ship (loose lips).  He showed his hand.  And what did Delilah give up….nothing.  She played him.  
She told his enemies where the secret weapons were kept (run tell dat).  She was very much in the wrong but God didn’t give her any instructions…he only gave specific directions to Samson. 

I have no sympathy for Donald Sterling’s private recordings being leaked.  Samson already showed us what can happen when strong men get involved and share with underhanded mistresses. 

" NO Sympathy for the King, huh" ---Jay Z