Wednesday, May 01, 2013

responses from SPORTS BLAST 001

Fa reeeeeeeal, right. Mannn... I just hope he ends up getting a decent shot somewhere... I think he deserves it. Holla Holla

That is why they are NYJ....Not the Giants but the Jets. It's equivalent to being the Mets, Nets, or Clippers in their respected sports. Some, (quite a few I might say), make bad front office decisions that has a negative effect on a franchise for years on top of years and regardless of how many good players they have, the team will struggle to win any major championships. Now that we have cleared the air on why they do what they do let's discuss the athletes at topic. First off, Mark Sanchez sucks just like all of the other high profile QB's from USC.  Sent from my HTC on the Now Network from Sprint!

Mark Sanchez is no good and Tim Tebow is no better at quarterback. The one advantage that Tebow does possess is he shows up to win every week regardless of his lack of skill for the position. David Gerrard will be a space filler/babysitter/teacher, Geno Smith will be the back-up and McIllroy will be the 3rd QB on the roster. If the Jets can find any team foolish enough to take Sanchez then that's where he will be. Hence, Jerry Jones will probably trade his 2014 2nd and 3rd round draft picks to the Jets for Sanchez to be the backup this upcoming season..... Just the Cowboys kind of luck!

The Jets are a mess, period. They don't really know what QB they really want so they are collecting as many as they can to see what "hat" will fit the best. "

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