Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Is Marriage in Crisis?

This headline from the WSJ got my attention and I had to respond….
I didn’t think so until last night.  I went to Target last night and saw a t-shirt with a picture of a bride and groom, like the characters on top of a wedding cake, and below the couple were the following words: “Epic Fail”.  Not exactly sure were the term “Epic Fail” came from but I have been hearing it a lot lately.  I didn’t think it was cute or funny, I actually took offense.  I’d be the first to have a sense of humor and a fair share of sarcasm, but don’t attack me or any institution that I belong to, without a valid reason or even a blanket reason.
Is marriage challenging and difficult?...yes and yes.  Marriage forces you to compromise.  Marriage forces you to place your spouse’s needs above your own. 
Excuse my bad grammar, but “marriage ain’t for err ‘body.”  Some people are better off being single.  No harm done. Likewise, there are some people who are better off with a companion.  Can couples be companions without being legally married?  Of course.  It happens all of the time; yet being Husband and Wife is very different than being boyfriend and girlfriend. Being married is not the same as “going steady”.
There is nothing wrong with being single. No one should be rushed or forced into a lifelong commitment unless that’s what he/she wants. There is nothing wrong with being married. While I’m trying to provide a life for my wife and children, don’t give me grief for trying to love well…. For striving to be a good husband and father.  The married man is not a sucker!!  He ain’t missing out on nutin’.
There is a problem when those that play house act as if cohabitation is better than or equal to matrimony. That’s a problem….better yet, an “epic fail.”

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