Monday, November 29, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Counting Your Blessings = A Happy Thanksgiving

I'm thankful for everyone and for everything that I have including challenges... adversity make us better and stronger. I heard this song yesterday for the first time coincidentally the day before Thanksgiving. The chorus speaks volumes.

"Count Your Blessings" by Nas and Damien "JR GONG" Marley

I've got love and assurance
I've got new health insurance
I've got strength and endurance
So I count my blessings

And give thanks to the master
That through all the disaster
We're still here
Together after
Better count your blessings

Monday, October 18, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good Tips to get your photos in the newspaper

Good Tips to get your photos in the newspaper  from neighborsgo community newspaper.

marine-per-neur + "business is warfare"

I read an article in Turningpoint Magazine about Brooklyn bred clothing designer, Karl Kani, way back in 2004.  Kani went through a large court battle with a company called Skechers who want his company to go public and Karl refused to give up control of a company that he built. Karl has said that the experience made him realize that "Business is warfare and you've got to be prepared for battle at any moment to really stand for what you want".

I recently read a story in the Dallas Morning News llast week about a marine turned entrepreneur.  I found the business article interesting and a few pointers stood out.  The Marine Corps emphasizes 14 leadership traits, all of which can help you in warfare and in business:

The certainty of proper performance of duty.

Creating a favorable impression in carriage, appearance and personalconduct at all times.

The mental quality that recognizes fear of danger or criticism, but enables a man to proceed in the face of it with calmness and firmness.

Ability to make decisions promptly and to announce them in clear, forceful manner.

The mental and physical stamina measured by the ability to withstand pain, fatigue, stress and

The display of sincere interest and exuberance in the performance of duty.•InitiativeTaking action in the absence of orders.

Uprightness of character and soundness of moral principles; includes the qualities of truthfulness and honesty.

The ability to weigh facts and possible solutions on which to base sound decisions.

Giving reward and punishment according to merits of the case in question. The ability to administer a system of rewards and punishments impartially and consistently.

Understanding of a science or an art. The range of one's information, including professional knowledge and an understanding of your Marines.

The ability to deal with others without creating offense.

Avoidance of providing for one's own comfort and personal advancement at the expense of others.

The quality of faithfulness to country, the Corps, the unit, to one's seniors, subordinates and peers.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2nd annual recessionista's closet 9.25.10

my friend talisa puts on this event ever year. 
 i will be there taking pictures.
i will post photos from the event.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

please don't burn the Quran

I'm Christian. I believe in God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Light of Light. King of Kings. Lord of Lords. One Essence. The Way, The Truth, and The Light.

If we know anything about World and Church History, we know that Islamic people have a deep reverance for their beliefs. In Islamic countries, any disparaging comments against Islam could result in an instant and severe penalty, including death.

Burning Qurans on September 11th is not wise. It's not a smart idea. It can cause alot of problems in alot of countries for alot of years, decades, even scores of decades. It could incite a riot and violence.

As Christians, we don't have to believe in the Quran. We don't have to believe in any religion other than Christianity. Our faith is sufficient. We are not called to proselytise by force. We convert unbelievers with love. Love covers a multitude of sins.

Christians must be wise and pick our battles wisely.

I wonder if the church in Florida went out and bought Qurans to burn Qurans....It would be most prudent to just keep your money.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

learn from seth

For the last two days, I've been reading everything that I can by Seth Godin. He has a very impressive website and blog. He's selling books out the wazoo and I'm LEARNING everything that I can from him. This is the last page of his free manifesto entitled, 'brainwashed'.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my values

I've been writing lists lately. I don't always express my thoughts in complete sentences. I consider writing lists an exercise in 'organized brainstorming'.
more values to come...

Monday, July 12, 2010

quality of life

I like blogging. I like writing. I like expressing myself. I have journals, notepads, and scraps of paper ever.....this is my definition of living a quality life.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thank You from black wax photography

I like making greeting cards. It's an extension of my art. Hopefully soon than later I will get into the greeting card business.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

MUSIC: The Universial Language

I'm working in an office environment again and I'm happen to be able to listen to music throughout the day. The sound card on my computer is either broken or needs to be reconfigured. The computer behind me has sound but it is distorted (sounds like the chimpmunks). I listened to a podcast yesterday and it was almost unbearable. Today I'm listening to music and it is much more tolerable. I'm chiming in on what I've heard several times about music...even when it has a slightly distorted sound...MUSIC IS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE.