Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dallas Legal::my first photoshoot for a law firm

I love credentials. I've always been impressed with people who go above and beyond. Success does not come easy to those that do not work hard, unless they have been working hard for so long that success becomes naturally.
As a photographer, I got lucky quick. I have no photographic credentials other than my experience. I've been able to grow by absorbing every book, magazine, website, and mentors.
I've volunteering and worked for other photographers for free or little or no much dinero. But I learned. And I continue to learn and to grow. I always look forward to my next shoot. The preparation that it takes to get ready for the next shoot is exciting. I can't imagine life without "Research and Development". I am fortunate to take photos of great lawyers in Richardson, Texas on the 10th floor of the Chase Building on Beltline Road. The view is amazing. In this photo, I wanted to capture the view of professionals discussing business matters in an environment that exudes first class.
copyright 2008 blackwax photography.

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