Monday, May 19, 2008

how to become a greener poet

how to become a greener poet
[20 ways to greener poetry]
eco-friendly poetry

01. write on recycled paper.
02. make your own journals.
03. Use old calendars and daily planners as journals. [so much white space]
04. be a technopoet- write in your PDA/Phone.
05. print your poems out on used/recycled paper.
06. carpool to the venue.
07. when publishing a book, used recycled parchment.
08. print on demand [POD]
09. blog.
10. bring your own mug to the coffeeshop/bookstore/venue.
11. trade in those 20” rims for solar paneled rims. [futuristic]
12. someone produce a short film/commercial/documentary called “green poets 4 america”. [please include me]
13. give old books away and ask the next reader to pass it along.
14. sell old books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, to your local used bookstore.
15. or donate those items to your local school, library, or non-profit. (tax write off)
16. recycle envelopes.
17. make your own greeting cards + envelopes.
18. give your old candle wax to black wax. [a list on drop off sites coming soon]
19. educate your audience.
20. drink more green tea…for inspiration, of course!!

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innovatorAce said...

I love this, lol. I have a bad habit of writing on the back of recycle bin paper and grocery receipts. I am currently using recycled paper to use as a canvas for a painting I was inspired to produce. Ya gotta be economic and resourceful.