Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Don't Tase Me...Bro"

I watched several different clips of the "John Kerry Questioner Arrested" at the University of Florida. I've read articles from AP, CNN, Usatoday, and the Presidential Address and Podcast from the President of the University and this is my response...

Whether you agree with his questions or not, Andrew Meyers has a right to ask A QUESTION. Senator Kerry was willing to entertain them. If questions can't be asked and answered in a college forum, especially when the only tangible weapon was a book (go figure...reading can help one to probe questions) then why invite John Kerry or anyone else to speak.

"When Americans have no more beliefs to stand up for, or questions to ask, then we all become sheep who listen and follow other blind sheep who lead us nowhere."

-blackwax, an avid questioner

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