Tuesday, July 10, 2007

DVD Review: Bootleg Gumbo Vol. 1

If you ever wonder where comics like Chris Rock, Bernie Mack, Steve Harvey, and Dave Chappell started out…it was on the “Chittlin’ Circuit.” In Bootleg Gumbo, Comic/Poet “Q” brings the circuit/circus to you. If you are looking for Parodies, Poetry, Comedy- Slapstick, Slap yo momma, Slack a $%^#@!, Good Acting, Acting Bad, Rapping
Singing, Sanging, Highlights from The Texas Tycoons Basketball Team, highlights from the Texas Summer Music Conference, Ghetto News Broadcasting with Bartholmeule Smith, and a very very funny skit of Puff Daddy and Mase, you’ll find that and them some on Bootleg Gumbo.

Another flavor of the spices in Gumbo entailed Q and his girlfriend/fiance/wife ,Candy, on an episode of Eye for an Eye with Kato Katlin. They argue, fuzz, and fight over a pregnancy or non-preggers while Q comments on the episode in a little circle at the bottom of the screen. At one point in the commentary, Q says, “Am I still under oath?”

This DVD will “Put you in the mindframe of Dave Chappell but on a lower budget. Dave is working with 3 million dollars, but we’re working with about $300.”

Rated “A” for Already.

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