Friday, August 04, 2006

MPI is Meetings Professionals International.

This is a cool photo folks. I must say that it is one of my most creative shots to date. I attended the "Meeting meeting", the "Conference conference", the "Workshop workshop"...ok, I think that you get my drift.

MPI is Meetings Professionals International. The conference was held at the Dallas Convention Center. Very well attended. Very International. I was impressed by the signage. There was signage everywhere. Very professional. Very very eye-catching signs.

Imagine attending a conference that helps you put on bigger and better conferences. I was fortunate to attend the short sporadic spurts of time.

Imagine cities from all over the world, marketing themselves to do business in their city. I wonder what commissions are like when one negoitates for an organization to come to their city and drop 1K to 1M into the city treasury spreadout through hotels, rails, resturants, and fine dining.

As I child, I remember telling an adult that one of my hobbies was attending 'conferences'...she kinda looked at me funny, but maybe she didn't see the event planning potential in long as I can remember...I've always like conferences...I guess one could say that I'm very festive. That's part of my personality.

As I have grown and matured, I better understand the exchange, the ideas, the conversation, the competition, the comaradiere, and the effects that the right connection can have on your bottom line.

The company that I work for is in need of hosting that one or two breakthrough event that will distinquish us from other publications. I have a few ideas that I've shared. I have a few more that I'm going to share with professional event planners....and who knows what we will come up with...

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