Thursday, February 23, 2006

Wax Review: In Seeking Solace

Book Review

A mixture of the profane and the sacred. A fusion of the Divine and the devious. One’s desire for true agape, true eros, true storge’, and true philia love…leads Peni-El RaphaKumwah to create her own space where love can run free and unabandoned. She can communicate fluently from the plantation to the palace. Ms. Raphakumwah is ill-struck. She is stricken with the passions of loving too deeply, loving to strong, loving too intense. Love is her compassion, her discourse, and her thesis. One should hope that the ‘Heavens’ are listening so that “those who have never been loved well”…will…soon!!

“I am a woman of explosive passions…”

review by black wax

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