Thursday, January 26, 2006

Coffee, Papers, and a Chamber

African Coffee Importers, LLC is a limited liability company managed by The National Black Chamber of Commerce for the purpose of distributing coffee brands from Kenya for the market of the United States and to promote enterprise between the United States and Africa and as a fundraiser for the general treasury of the National Black Chamber of Commerce.

I went to the Mid-Winter NNPA Conference last weekend and learned a couple of things, met a few people, and shared a few ideas. NNPA is "The Black Press of America." One of the panelist, Harry C. Alford, is the president of the National Black Chamber of Commerce. He gave a very inspirational talk at the NNPA (National Newspaper Publisher's Association) Conference last weekend in Savannah, Georgia on economic empowerment, doing good business in the 21st century. Ladies and Gents, blackwax is inspired.

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more blogging @ Savannah later.

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